Concert tours

USA 2006 - Statue of Liberty

2006 USA concert tour. New York, Statue of Liberty

A regular part of life in the choir is made up of the frequent concert tours. Indeed the BONIFANTES Boys’ Choir have embarked on a number of these tours: to Austria, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Great Britain, Thailand, Canada, the USA and Japan.

During its 5 USA concert tours BONIFANTES gave allmost 150 concerts in 25 states. including St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Decatur, Cleveland, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Princeton, Philadelphia, Cedar Rapids, Farfield, Minneapolis, Bethlehem, New York City, New Haven, Norwalk, Springfield, Hartford, Worcester and Boston.

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