BONIFANTES to Japan for the first time

BONIFANTES at the concert

BONIFANTES at the concert

The BONIFANTES Boys Choir follows the series of its previous concert tours and will perform in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, for the first time.

With the concert tour to Japan, it will complete its 17th and 18th concert season, during which it obtained 8 gold medals, recorded 2 CDs, performed the “Love Has No End” cantata by the Czech composer Jan Jirasek in a world premiere, sang for a one-hundred-thousand strong auditorium during the general audience with Pope Francis, and will perform twice with the legendary tenor José Carreras.

The tour to Japan is the logical result of previous contacts of the BONIFANTES with Japanese artists. Already more than ten years ago, the choir inter alia performed with the Japanese soprano Fumiko Nishimatsu, the Bonifantes hosted the Ichikawa Childrens’ Chorus two years ago. The concert tour will be accompanied by many concerts and presentations in the Czech Republic. A book, a CD, and a DVD will be published.
The repertoire that the choir has prepared for the Japanese tour is very interesting. The main focus of the dramaturgy is the Czech music of the 19th and 20th century. The programme will also contain several compositions written directly for this occasion.
The BONIFANTES Boys Choir has chosen and prepared 24 best singers from its base amounting to 150 boys for the concert tour. The artistic level of the choir has been kept absolutely world-class for many years. The Bonifantes are looking forward to present their art in Japan as well.

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