BONIFANTES in Violino club, Prague

BONIFANTES in Violino club, Prague

Bonifantes has a great future ahead of it. It is out of reach in its interpretation of 20th century music.
Milada Velehradská, Noviny Pernštejn newspaper, 12th January 2004

I was surprised by the workmanship with which the young choirmaster works with the children’s voices, the wide range of vocal capabilities of the choir, and the discipline with which the young ones perform.
Miloš Froník, weblog, The Bonifantes Phenomenon, 3.12.2003

The choir has balanced vocal sections and the consistently worked dynamics best come to the fore in the Trouvere mass. The overall interpretation of the thematically uniform concert was homogeneous, rhythmically precise, and sure in terms of intonation.
Lenka Lipenská, SBOR.CZ, 12.5.2003

… the Christmas concert of the BONIFANTES Boys’ Choir fully occupied the members of the Circle of Friends of Music in Kralupy nad Vltavou, music and choir singing enthusiasts alike, and its quality exceeded our expectations.
Vojen Otčenášek, Circle of Friends of Music in Kralupy nad Vltavou

The singers of the Pardubice-based Bonifantes Boys’ Choir sang under the guidance of the choirmaster with a convincing expression of a simple pastoral text and with musical rapture. Hats off to the purity and enthusiasm of their vocal expression and to the huge amount of work which surely lies behind the organisation and preparation of this choir.
Miloslav Mikulecký, Mladá fronta Dnes newspaper, 16.12.2001

The Bonifantes Boys’ Choir has remarkable discipline and puts in outstanding performances. It surely has a great future ahead of it.
Litoměřické listy newspaper, 12.10.2001

The simple fact that one hundred and seventy boys appeared on stage is fantastic in itself.
Miloslav Mikulecký, Mladá fronta Dnes newspaper, 2.3.2000

We experienced a return to Czech choir culture… Both choirs have a number of common features: clarity, precise intonation, vocal culture, and a far-reaching dynamic scope. Above all is the honest interest of the singers, their acoustic resonance with each composition sung, and their pleasure and love of singing.
Jaroslav Hübner, Hradecké noviny newspaper

The male-voice choir performed Bohuslav Martinů’s masterpiece with magnificent vocal culture. There are no empty points in the choir’s sound – every member is an active singer.
20. 12. 2000, Miloslav Mikulecký, MF Dnes newspaper

… the male-voice choir put on a wonderful performance. Its maximum strength came across as cultured every time (especially during “Rex tremendae”), which again confirmed that it is not by chance that it is ranked among the best in its field.
30.5.2002 , Věra Doležalová, SBOR.CZ

CD with Dvorak’s music is a real success, and even if you buy just a single CD every year, I can assure you that you will buy this one this year.
Peter Herbert, Dvorak Society, London

The musical quality and discipline of your singers is outstanding. From the choir’s first vibrant note, the congregation at St. Paul’s was enthralled. It was a special gift for our own young choristes and their families to see what can be accomplished by hard work and dedication to the musical enterprise – truly your choir was an inspiration to them.”
Alan M. Gates, Clevelend, OH

Míšek’s composer’s knowlidges of all the existing techniques of choral setting is impressive: a perfect sense of the sound effect is evident in each bar. In his cantata “Inter arma silent musae” also uses interesting instrumental components. The best are impressive polyphonic passages and very modern effects (parlandos, glissandos, screams …) and engagement of a narrator. This all makes perfect musical organism in every single moment.
prof. Michal Novenko, SBOR.CZ

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